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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today is the day Elvis supposedly died.

Although some news outlets are reporting that a certain presidential candidate wished him a Happy Birthday earlier today.

Candidates have to watch themselves and what they say, but it has to be stressful on such a grand stage. I guess anyone could have made that mistake. What do you think?

Facebook and Twitter

We are in a new era when it comes to reporting news. We don't just focus on the newspaper itself. While it remains the core product, a vital one I still enjoy, we also focus on the amenities of the website -- thesnaponline.com -- as well as post information to The Stanly News & Press Facebook page and our Twitter account -- stanlynewspress.

But as addressed in today's issue of The SNAP, are there bad sides to social media? We looked at the subject of Facebook and the Stanly County Schools, and also questioned whether teachers should be friends with students. We even have a poll question on our website that asks people to weigh in on that subject.

I was close with some teachers at West Stanly, but I don't think I would have friended any on Facebook, if it had been around then. I am friends on there now and have even written stories and columns about past teachers. But it is different. We aren't in the same scenario.

Maybe I'm wrong. If I am, I am sure someone will let me know. There's plenty of times to be friends when school ends.